As the sole carrier of genetic information, DNA does not exist as a naked template in the eukaryotic genome; instead DNA exists as a chromatin structure amenable to the changing environment, especially during the sensitive period of childhood. Not surprisingly, many complex regulatory mechanisms act on chromatin to ensure that each cell expresses only the appropriate genes, duplicates its genome with high fidelity, divides only when required, and combats constant assaults on its DNA.

Failure in any of the mechanisms regulating these events can lead to a wide range of outcomes from altered developmental trajectories to complex diseases. Furthermore, a number of chromatin modifying proteins are involved in genetic susceptibility to diseases. The objective of our research is to understand the molecular mechanisms of epigenetic regulation in response to the environment. This is largely achieved through evaluating DNA methylation, histone variants, post-translational modification of histone, and nucleosome positioning. Additionally, genetic variation may interact with specific environments, imparting sensitivity or resilience, to ultimately alter epigenetics patterns and phenotypic outcomes.


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Current project
In one facet of our research program, we study human population epigenetics aimed at deciphering the mechanisms by which environmental exposures and early-life experiences can "get under the skin" to regulate gene activity and contribute to health and disease across the life course. This research aligns with the Developmental Origins of Health and Disease (DOHaD) hypothesis, which postulates that the developmental period and early life are particularly sensitive periods where social or environmental insults can influence health long after the insult itself. Our findings support the model that early-life social and environmental factors, including stress and socioeconomic status, leave a biological footprint. We measure this biological embedding of early life exposures through epigenetic patterns and accompanying gene expression changes, many of which are maintained until adulthood and may influence future health. We have extensive interdisciplinary collaborations across Canada and around the world and are affiliated with multiple NCEs (including AllerGen and NeuroDevNet).

Rather than acting as an inert scaffold for DNA, dynamic and flexible chromatin structures and modifications have profound effects on almost all aspects of chromosome behaviour and genome function. Thus, the second objective of our research utilizes Saccharomyces cerevisiae as a model organism to tease apart the mechanisms responsible for the creation, regulation, and maintenance of the chromatin signature. These queries include how distinct chromosomal neighbourhoods are established, how they function and interact with enzymes involved in DNA metabolism, what functional differences exist between histone variants and canonical histones, and how chromatin-remodeling complexes are regulated. Currently, we focus on three distinct areas of chromatin biology: functional genomic characterization of chromatin-modifying complexes; DNA damage repair in the context of the chromatin template; and crosstalk between the RNAPII machinery and chromatin.

Together, the research in our lab bridges the molecular mechanisms of epigenetic regulation with the social and environmental determinants of human health to develop a comprehensive understanding of early life.

Honours & Awards

Award of Excellence, Biomedical Research, CFRI Member Recognition Awards, 2013

Canada Research Chair Tier 1 in Social Epigenetics, 2014-present

Senior Fellow, Canadian Institute for Advanced Research, Child & Brain Development program, 2013-present

Research Group Members

Maria Aristizabal, Postdoctoral Fellow
Sachini Ariyaratne, Masters Student
Helena Brendler, PhD student
Hilary Brewis
Josh Brown, Doctoral Student
Yen Chan, Masters Student
Kristy Dever
Joe Dong
Michael Doyle
Cath Ennis, Knowledge Translation Specialist
Tanya Erb
Maggie Fu, Graduate Student
Evan Gatev
Kiara Gibbons, Research Coordinator
Nicole Gladish
Sarah Goodman
Sumaiya Islam
Nadia Jajja
Analisa Jia, Volunteer
Meaghan Jones
Pareesa Kassam, Directed studies student:
Alyssa Kirlin
Anson Law, Undergraduate Student
David Lin, PhD Research Associate
Julie MacIsaac, Research Associate/Lab manager
Lisa McEwen
Quinn McVeigh, Research Assistant
Sarah Merrill, Postdoctoral Research Fellow:
Sarah Moore, Postdoctoral Fellow
Alexander Morin
Tiffany Reeve, Healthy Starts Strategic Initiatives Manager
Samantha Schaffner, Graduate Research Assistant
Nivretta Thatra, Graduate Student
Mara Thomas
Calvin Wong, Undergraduate Student
Olivia Wong
Chloe You