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Training is an important component of the CAN-ASC initiative. As COVID-19 has forced us to delay our in-person workshops and travel awards for lab exchanges, we will be filling the gap with a series of webinars. These will focus on various aspects of translational human immunology research, ranging from the broad (sex & gender considerations, ethics) to the more specific (general best practices, detailed seminars on specific, commonly-used methods). 

CAN-ASC Webinar Series(See below for links to details about upcoming webinars.)

The webinars are aimed at trainees, technicians and investigators who are working in the field of human immunology (or are planning to).

To facilitate exchange and discussion, the focus will be on LIVE PARTICIPATION, and webinars may not be recorded. The webinars will be held on Zoom to allow in-person Q&A, and there will be an additional option for anonymous questions with upvoting.

Webinars will be on the final Friday of the month (exception: Dec. 10th). The host will speak for ~45 min and there will be an equal time for Q&A and discussion. Time: 12 pm PT, 1 pm MT and 3 pm ET. 

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