The Digital Health Innovation Lab is the result of a merger between the Electrical and Computer Engineering in Medicine (ECEM) group, and the data science, engineering and global health components of the Pediatric Anesthesia Research Team (PART). Created in Spring 2017, it leverages the tremendous past success of both groups and continues their vision, while seeking new opportunities to provide focus for the future sustainability and growth of the team.

Our vision is to lead the realization of innovation in sensor/data-driven health care that encompasses prevention, diagnostics and treatment. By leveraging sensor technology for individualized prediction, feedback and automation, we will deliver a sensor/data-driven predictive approach to care.

Building on our previous success, we aim to design and validate new theoretical methods (especially in prediction and automation), synthesize and promote the best-available clinical evidence, validate new clinical devices and decision tools, and ensure that innovation is translated to scale through partnerships and impact-driven commercialization.

Our goals are catalyzed by our team's core expertise in anesthesia, critical care, health informatics, mHealth, sensors, control engineering and advanced signal processing. We use integrated knowledge translation to ensure that new knowledge and technology effectively addresses patient-, clinician- and health-system needs. We have strong collaborations with local and international critical care clinicians; global health researchers; nursing researchers; biomedical engineers, specializing in safe technology integration; and industry partners who will assist with commercializing our innovations for the benefit of patients.