Current Projects

Panda Pain Assessment App

Undertreated post-surgical pain after discharge from hospital presents a real burden to the child, to families and to the health care system, in terms of poor outcomes, and the stress of coping with the recovery at home and of potential hospital readmission. Smartphone apps have shown promise in the support of at-home management of chronic cancer pain and acute sickle cell pain in children. However, there are no apps available for assessment and management of post-surgical pain. Clearly there is room for an efficient, accessible and cost-effective means of providing support to caregivers to improve their management of post-operative pain. The Panda application may provide such support. This study will allow us to improve the app’s usability and to demonstrate feasibility in advance of a larger trial in which Panda will be used by caregivers and children at home.

Sepsis modeling and outcome prediction

Severe sepsis and septic shock are associated with a high burden of morbidity and mortality among critically ill children. Through improvements in supportive care, secular trends reveal a gradual decline in mortality. In collaboration with our critical care colleagues, our goal is to use a large North-American registry cohort to validate and compare the performance of existing risk score, identify new combinations of risk factors, and to develop novel outcome prediction tools.