The Maxwell Lab collaborates with leading research teams located at BC Children’s Hospital, UBC, and around the world. Together, we work on research projects related to oriented cell division, hereditary cancers and personalized pediatric oncology.

Maxwell Lab members are in bold font in the publications listed below. A complete list of publications can be found on PubMed.

Selected recent publications

Farrokhi A*, Atre T*, Rever J*, (*co-first authors) Fidanza M, Duey W, Salitra S, Myung J, Guo M, Jo S, Uzozie A, Baharvand F, Rolf N, Auer F, Hauer J, Grupp SA, Eydoux P, Lange PF, Seif AE, Maxwell CA, Reid GSD. The Eμ-Ret mouse is a novel model of hyperdiploid B-cell acute lymphoblastic leukemia. Leukemia. 2024, [Epub ahead of print] PMID: 38519798.

Lorentzian AC, Rever J, Ergin EK, Guo M, Akella NM, Rolf N, James Lim C, Reid GSD, Maxwell CA†, Lange PF† (†co-senior authors). Targetable lesions and proteomes predict therapy sensitivity through disease evolution in pediatric acute lymphoblastic leukemia. Nature Communications. 2023 Nov 21;14(1):7161. PMID: 37989729.

He Z, Ghorayeb R, Tan S, Chen K, Lorentzian AC, Bottyan J, Aalam SMM, Pujana MA, Lange PF, Kannan N, Eaves CJ, Maxwell CA. Pathogenic BRCA1 variants disrupt PLK1-regulation of mitotic spindle orientation. Nature Communications. 2022 Apr 22;13(1):2200. PMID: 35459234.

Mateo F*, He Z*, Mei L*, (*co-first authors) de Garibay GR, Herranz C, García N, Lorentzian A, Baiges A, Blommaert E, Gómez A, Mirallas O, Garrido-Utrilla A, Palomero L, Espín R, Extremera AI, Soler-Monsó MT, Petit A, Li R, Brunet J, Chen K, Tan S, Eaves CJ, McCloskey C, Hakem R, Khokha R, Lange PF, Lázaro C, Maxwell CA†, Pujana MA† (†co-senior authors). Modification of BRCA1-associated breast cancer risk by HMMR overexpression. Nature Communications. 2022 Apr 7;13(1):1895. PMID: 35393420.

Morris EJ†, Gillespie JA, Maxwell CA†, Dedhar S† (†co-senior authors). A Model of Differential Mammary Growth Initiation by Stat3 and Asymmetric Integrin-α6 Inheritance. Cell Reports. 2020 Mar 17;30(11): 3605-3615.e5. PMID: 32187533.