BC Children’s Hospital is pleased to congratulate the recipients of the 2020 BCCHR Studentships and Fellowships.

These awards give exceptional trainees the opportunity to pursue leading-edge child health research projects under the supervision of BC Children's Hospital Investigators. BCCHR Studentships and Fellowships are made possible through the support of BC Children's Hospital Foundation.

Congratulations to:

Recipients of the 2020 BCCHR Studentships and Fellowships

Mining for Miracles Postdoctoral Fellowship
Dr. Abdelilah Majdoubi, Lavoie Research Team
Project: “DDIT4L/mTOR axis metabolic regulation of immune cells response to infections in newborns”

Bertram Hoffmeister Postdoctoral Fellowship 
Dr. Elizabeth Jean Buckler, Masse Research Team
Project: “Advancing behaviours change theories and techniques in the context of mHealth: Mechanisms of adherence and change in health behaviours among youth participating in a weight management intervention”

BC Children’s Hospital Healthy Starts Graduate Studentship
Jeffrey Bone, Lisonkova Research Team
Project: “Pre-pregnancy obesity and the effect of obstetric interventions on gestational-age specific risks of stillbirth: a pathway to healthy pregnancy and childbirth”

BC Children's Hospital Research Institute Graduate Studentship
Christine Wardell, Levings Research Team
Project: “The use of CAR Treg therapy to control alloimmune transplant and autoimmune diabetic responses”

Canucks for Kids Fund Childhood Diabetes Laboratories Graduate Studentship
Juhee Oh, Klein Geltink Research Team
Project: “Linking Nutrient Sensing, Carbon Metabolism, and T Cell Function”

BC Children's Hospital Research Institute Sue Carruthers Graduate Studentship
Constantin Popescu, Lavoie Research Team
Project: “Improving the diagnosis of severe infections in newborns”

BC Children’s Hospital Childhood Diseases Graduate Studentship
Tasha Wainstein, Elliott Research Team
Project: “A mixed methods evaluation of lived experience, adaptation, and identity development in adolescents with genetic conditions”

BC Children's Hospital Research Institute Jan M. Friedman Graduate Studentship
Shawn Shortill, Conibear Research Team
Project: “Investigating the pathway-specific functions of neurodegeneration-associated VPS9-family proteins”

Canucks for Kids Fund Childhood Diabetes Laboratories Graduate Studentship
Raelyn Gallant, Verchere Research Team
Project: “Macrophage Regenerative Factors for the Growth of Beta Cells in Diabetes”