OPSEI | Pediatric Surgery | Department of Surgery
The University of British Columbia / BC Children's Hospital

The Pediatric Surgeons at BC Children’s Hospital published their vision of Pediatric Surgical Services in British Columbia, “For Care, for Quality, for Life.” Integral to the vision was the creation of the Office of Pediatric Surgical Evaluation and Innovation (OPSEI). OPSEI is a key element of the new vision for pediatric surgery within the Province of British Columbia. With the ongoing advancement of surgical technology and the need to work within constrained resources, it is imperative that the Department of Pediatric Surgery at BCCH strives to provide the best surgical care to pediatric patients in the best setting for the best outcomes.

To achieve this goal requires comprehensive evaluation of new technologies, work processes and care delivery coupled with the ability to be innovative and progressive. OPSEI serves to provide unique scientific insight to help policy makers, managers, planners, clinicians, and researchers to shape the future of pediatric surgical care in BC.

In collaboration with the University of British Columbia, the Provincial Health Services Authority, the BC Children's Hospital Research Institute, OPSEI’s research will encompass the assessment of clinical care delivery, patterns of utilization and new technology and treatment modalities for pediatric surgery.

OPSEI is committed to fostering an environment which creates opportunities for student and faculty partnerships in clinical research and education. Each year the department supports over 20 medical and undergraduate students for summer research projects. The students and their assigned faculty mentor have, in the past, conducted research in a variety of areas ranging from safe sharps handling to outcomes evaluation in epilepsy surgery. Many of these projects have been presented at various national and international conferences.


  • To address utilization and access to care issues, e.g. simulation and operational
  • To advance Pediatric Surgical discoveries
  • To test new technologies
  • To evaluate surgical outcomes
  • To strive for excellence in education
  • Improve the practice of surgery



OPSEI aims to establish and maintain a unique position for BC Children's Hospital as a leader nationally and internationally in the delivery of high quality pediatric surgical care. It is an investment in conducting clinical research that contributes to the effectiveness, quality, equity, end, efficiency of pediatric surgical care and outcomes in BC. As innovators, we plan to expand the frontiers of pediatric surgical knowledge and understanding. As teachers, we will enthusiastically involve the educational community in our endeavors to inspire and engage surgical trainees. We will cultivate learning opportunities to enrich the academic community in Pediatric Surgery.