December 2019

Happy Holidays from Zwicker Lab

What Is New

Zwicker Lab Website — The Zwicker Lab is delighted to introduce its new website. You can learn more about our team, our projects, and resources available for families of children with DCD by visiting our website. Be sure to bookmark our site!

DCD Imaging-Intervention Study — Our DCD Imaging-Intervention is coming to an end. We would like to thank all the 115 children and their families, our research and OT team who helped us throughout this project.

Stay tuned for the results! 

International DCD Conference

Save the Date!

DCD 14 International Conference Vancouver 2021

Dr. Jill G. Zwicker is chairing this conference and would like to bring together families, therapists, paediatricians, and government officials to learn about the latest research in the field and to provide a forum to advocate for greater support and services for children with Developmental Coordination Disorder (DCD). 

Join Our Team: Family Engagement in Research 

Mom helping young boy tie shoelaces

The Zwicker Lab would like to involve parents, children, and youth in our research program (Note that engagement in research is NOT the same as participating in a study). We value your input and would like you to partner with us to address research priorities of families and to hopefully make a difference to the lives of children and families affected by DCD. We recognize that family life is busy, so we have 4 levels of engagement (i.e., informing, consulting, involving, and collaborating) to ensure your voice is heard within the time commitment you are able to give. 

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Meet Some of Our Occupational Therapists

Occupational Therapists Vancouver British Columbia Canada

Ivonne Montegomery — Ivonne is an occupational therapist in a school-based setting as well as a Knowledge Broker at Sunny Hill Health Centre for Children. Her research interests include the use of a cognitive approach to handwriting through the use of a printing program called Printing Like a Pro!

Keith O'Connor — Keith studied OT in Ireland, graduating in 2012, and has been working at BC Children's Hospital since 2015. Keith has worked with the Zwicker Lab providing CO-OP treatment for over three years now. 

Alyssa Barrie — Alyssa has worked since 2015 with children and families participating in the Zwicker Lab research studies. She enjoys hearing about the child's occupations of interest, and looks forward to speaking with the family after they have completed their occupational therapy sessions. 

In our next newsletter, we will introduce you to more occupational therapists who work in our lab to deliver the intervention. 

Importance of Participation 

Importance of participation for kids with Developmental Coordination Disorder

A big thank you to the families who completed a (long) questionnaire about your child's participation while at the DCD Clinic. 

Your input has been invaluable and has contributed new knowledge to the field. Results of this study confirm that children with DCD participate less frequently in school and community activities (e.g., classroom activities, school teams, organized sports) compared to typically-developing children. Less participation of children with DCD has been largely attributed to poor motor skills and/or the child being self-conscious because they are not "as good as" their peers. 

However, you also told us that there are environmental barriers to your child's participation. For example, it seems that there are few community programs to support your child — regular programs may be "too hard" for children with DCD and adapted programs are geared more toward children with severe limitations. Thus, there is a need for communities to offer programs that are suitable for children with DCD (such as DCD Summer Camp). 

Your input has given us some evidence to advocate for more support and services for your children. To make an even bigger impact, please consider completing our impACT for DCD survey to provide us with more information to better meet your needs as a family affected by DCD (more information below). 

Navigating the healthcare, school, and community systems when your child has Developmental Coordination Disorder

Many thanks to those of you who have already filled out the impACT for DCD questionnaire. The impACT for DCD questionnaire is part of a research study to investigate the physical, social, emotional, and financial impact of DCD on children and families in British Columbia. The outcomes from the questionnaire will be used to inform government about the service needs of children with DCD and their families.

The following criteria must be met to be able to participate in this study, which includes:

  1. Primary residence of parent(s) and child(ren) is in British Columbia
  2. Child(ren) must be under the age of 18 years with motor coordination challenges
  3. These motor coordination challenges are not because of biological, genetic and/or developmental delays (e.g., cerebral palsy, Down’s syndrome, chromosomal abnormality, etc.)
  4. Child(ren) may have a diagnosis of DCD, but a formal diagnosis is not required to participate in the study. Parents of children suspected to have DCD may also participate.
  5. Child(ren) may have other co-occurring conditions that can include autism, ADHD, learning disabilities and/or speech language deficits
  6. Parents can be biological, adoptive or guardian/caregiver
  7. Parents need to be able to speak and read English

Participate Now

If you have any questions about the survey or have difficulty accessing the questionnaire, please contact Erin Klein at 

Wishing you all the best for 2020 from the Zwicker Lab! 

Happy New Year 2020 from Zwicker Lab at BC Childrens Hospital


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