BCCH BioBank Newsletter

  • December 2023
    Find out about the new cell immortalization consent form, distributed samples, new survey, Simon Zhu’s Neustein Award, how the BioBank is supporting more clinical trials, and our new co-op students!
  • Spring 2023
    Read about our recent presentations, sample release, a COVID-19 study highlight, new staff, Dr. Bush winning a co-op supervisor award, and an update on our Pathology Patient-Family Advisory Committee.
  • Winter 2023
    In this issue we highlight the multi-language subtitles now available for BCCH BioBank's Superhero Video, sample release, Ewing sarcoma summer project, COVID-19 high school survey update, and the osteosarcoma project.
  • Winter 2022
    Happy New Year! Read more about our recent published journal findings, an update on our COVID-19 high school survey and join us in welcoming our new research technician, Kendall Plant. 
  • Spring 2021
    The e-consent platform is now live! Read more about the new platform, COVID-19 and Preemie BioBank updates and join us in welcoming our new co-director, Dr. Jon Bush
  • Spring 2020
    Read how the BioBank is developing an electronic consent platform, the results of their patient survey at BC Women's Hospital and learn more about the P2RISM study.
  • Fall 2019
    Find out more about updates to the BioBank's consent forms, the development of their new electronic consent platform and CanTBI.
  • Spring 2019 
    Read about the BioBank's latest work with the BRAVE study, PROFYLE, and a new Preemie BioBank.
  • Summer 2018
    Say goodbye to our manager, Tamsin Tarling, and learn about BioBank samples that are being used to help develop a new vaccine.
  • Fall 2017
    Learn how one mom took action to improve research participation. 
  • Spring, Summer 2017
    Learn why a family chose to donate their samples to BioBank, and how banked samples are being used for rheumatic diseases research. 
  • Summer 2016
    Read about the BioBank's newest helper, the Hamilton StarLET, and meet Sarah Gray, Parent and Biobank Advocate.
  • Spring 2016
    Learn how biobanking helps families find meaning in the meaningless and meet Thyrza May Toledo, a Masters Student at the BioBank.
  • Winter 2015
    Read about how BioBank's fuel medical research and watch a new video that explains biobanking to children.