Research is the Future of Care

At BC Children's Hospital, more than 1,000 top medical researchers are looking to push the limits of what's possible. But they can't do it alone. 

When you and your family take part in research, you are helping us:

  • Improve treatments and find cures
  • Transform care with breakthrough technologies
  • Gain new insight into child health and development
  • Build healthier communities through improved prevention, policy and practice

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Become a patient partner

Patient and family engagement is defined as the process of designing, planning, developing, and evaluating research projects in close collaboration with researchers. Individuals who engage with research teams in this way are called patient partners. Patient involvement in research leads to improved quality of care and a health-care system that better reflects the needs of those it serves. Learn more here: "'Nothing About Me Without Me': What Is Patient Engagement and How Can It Transform Health Care?"