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Immersive and emerging technologies in pediatrics: Developing patient-centered priorities for research and development

Study Purpose

Youth with VR headsetWhen not addressed, bad hospital experiences can cause issues with coping and avoidance of medical care. New technologies can help patients and their families have a better experience at the hospital. We are exploring how emerging and immersive technologies can be used to learn about upcoming appointments and procedures, and cope with pain and anxiety.

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Participant Eligibility & Screening Form

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Study details

Estimated Time Commitment

~2 hour interview

What’s Involved

After completing an expression of interest form online, selected participants will be invited to an online or in-person interview at BCCH. They will select an anxiety-provoking experience most meaningful to them and create a journey map of their ideal-state experience. The research will provide participants an opportunity to voice their views on their healthcare experiences and how they would like this to be dealt with (or not) using technology.


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Participant Eligibility & Screening Form

Inclusion Criteria

Teenagers, 14-18 years old
Caregivers of children and teenagers 0-18 years old 
Patient experience with one of the following in the last year:

  • Having surgery or medical imaging
  • Treatment for conditions involving the heart, bone, muscles, brain, spinal cord, sensory system, or pain lasting longer than 3 months 
  • Rehabilitation at a hospital for any condition
  • Have stayed in the hospital for 14+ days

Please be advised that not everyone who expresses interest will be selected to join the study as the study uses quota-based sampling.

In-person interviews will only be available for those residing in the Lower Mainland, as they will be held at the BC Children's Hospital. For participants residing outside of this area, online interviews over Zoom will be conducted.

Exclusion Criteria

Participants who are not fluent in English and/or do not reside in Canada will be excluded from the study.


Compensation is provided in the form of a $40 gift card.

Reimbursement of expenses

For participants who travel to British Columbia’s Children’s Hospital (4480 Oak Street, Vancouver V5Z 4H4), parking reimbursement will be provided. 

Opportunity Location

Vancouver Island / Coast, Lower Mainland, Thompson - Okanagan, Kootenay, Cariboo, North Coast and Nechako, Northeast

Principal Investigator 

John Jacob, MBA, BA, MSc 
Digital Lab, BC Children’s Hospital 

Lab, Project & Program Websites

Visit the websites below to learn more about research in technology and innovation at BC Children's Hospital. 

BCCH Digital Lab

Our team is a unique digitally-focused research and development team at BC Children's Hospital, integrated with the University of British Columbia and BC Children’s Hospital Research Institute. We're a multidisciplinary team that is united by our passion for social impact, with a focus on improving the lives of children and families, locally and around the world.

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Digital Health Innovation Lab

Our team is focused on performing innovative research at the interface between technology and patient care. Our vision is to lead the realization of innovation in sensor/data-driven health care that encompasses prevention, diagnostics and treatment.

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Goldman's Innovative Virtual Reality Pain Lab

Our team is focused on investigating use of virtual reality technology in pediatrics and providing evidenced based answers to help clinicians and health practitioners determine how to best use this innovative technology for everyday use.

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The Living Lab at Home

The “Living Lab at Home” (LLAH) offers a novel approach to real-time home-based data collection that will expand access to research participation for a wide range of children and youth with developmental and behavioural disabilities, as well as typically developing children with chronic illnesses.

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Nama Lab

My research interests are focused on improving care for hospitalized children. In particular, I aim to provide risk stratification tools that allow physicians to safely allocate precious clinical resources to high-risk patients.

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Simplified Faces Pain Scale

The Simplified Faces Pain Scale (S-FPS) is designed for use with 3- to 5-year-old children and is based on a 2-step self-report method. This page provides information about the S-FPS, including how to obtain the image file, the Creative Commons license, citation details and detailed instructions for using the scale and translating it to other languages.

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TrustSphere aims to empower Canadians through the creation of a scalable and trustworthy health access platform that enables each person to utilize a strong digital identity to easily view, share and manage their own health data in a private, secure and informed manner.

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