Lab, Project & Program Websites

Visit the websites below to learn more about immunology research at BC Children's Hospital. 

Food Allergy Immunotherapy (FAIT) Program

The mission of the Food Allergy Immunotherapy (FAIT) Program is to study the implementation of safe and standardized food immunotherapy protocols in the real world, within the context of our publicly funded health care system.

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Lavoie Lab

The Lavoie Lab studies the development of the human immune system and its impacts on the health of babies. Dr. Pascal Lavoie is a neonatologist with dual training in medicine and research (MD/PhD).

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Levings Lab

Research from the Levings Lab focuses on immune cells called T regulatory cells (Tregs) that are central to immune tolerance and are a very promising new therapeutic tool.

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Turvey Lab

The Turvey Lab uses precision health to determine the cellular, molecular and genetic abnormalities responsible for immunological disease.

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CAN-ASC is a Canada-wide consortium of researchers and clinician scientists. We collaborate with international networks from academia and industry to develop consensus-driven, standardized and validated operating procedures (SOPs) for human immunology research.

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