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Canadian Burkholderia cepacia complex Research and Referral Repository

We can provide species identification for members of the Burkholderia cepacia complex of bacteria. We also can provide strain typing information, as well as identifications for other species which grow on Burkholderia cepacia selective agar and for which the preliminary identification might be equivocal: such as B. gladioli, Ralstonia species, Pandoraea species and others. Most of our work is for cystic fibrosis clinics, however we are very happy to provide assistance to anyone else requiring identification of these bacteria.

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GenCOUNSEL Project

For patients and families with unexplained health conditions, genome-wide sequencing can provide much-needed answers, but it can also raise a lot of questions. We are trying to figure out the best ways to provide genetic counselling for genome-wide sequencing in Canada so that we can best support these families. We will be looking into different clinical, ethical, and economic methods to make sure there is equitable access to genetic counselling and testing for all Canadians.

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Kobor Lab

We employ various approaches to determine how DNA methylation and chromatin protein modifications are regulated, how they interact with the underlying genetic sequence to affect which genes are expressed in which cells, and how changes to these epigenetic marks can affect human development and lifelong health trajectories. Together, the research in our lab bridges the molecular mechanisms of epigenetic regulation and the social and environmental determinants of human health to develop a comprehensive understanding of early life.

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Silent Genomes Project

Reducing health care disparities and improving diagnostic success for children with genetic diseases from Indigenous populations

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Translational Psychiatric Genetics Group

The Translational Psychiatric Genetics Group is interested in doing research that makes a difference to people who live with psychiatric disorders and their families.

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