Find below the Principal Investigators supporting the TOG group as well as the trainees involved. If you have any questions on a particular type of analysis, click the team member's profile for their directory contact information.

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Faculty and Staff Support

Dr. Megan Levings

Principal Investigator/Project Manager

Investigator, BC Children's Hospital
Childhood Diseases Research Theme Lead

Jeffrey Helm

Theme Research Manager
Childhood Diseases


Chen Li

Research Coordinator
Childhood Diseases


Trainee 'Omics Group Council

Nikita Telkar


PhD Candidate, Robinson and Wan Lam Labs
Small RNAs in placental gene regulation
Research Theme - Healthy Starts

William (Will) Casazza


PhD Student, Mostafavi and Dennis Labs
Statistics and machine learning in QTL analysis
Research Theme - Healthy Starts

Abisola Kehinde

Seminar Series Lead

PhD Candidate, Parker Lab
Biochemistry and Molecular Biology
Research Theme - Healthy Starts

Divya Anantsri

Beginner Workshops Lead

PhD Student, Kobor Lab
Nutrition and epigenetics (population- and model organism-based)
Research Theme - Healthy Starts

Matthew (Matt) Budd

Guided Tutorials Lead

PhD Student, Levings Lab
Single-cell transcriptomics and proteomics
Research Theme - Childhood Diseases

Erin Tanaka

Digital Director

Masters Student, Klein Geltink Lab
Research Theme - Childhood Diseases

Amy Inkster

Twitter Executive

PhD Student, Robinson Lab
Placental epigenetics/genetics
Research Theme - Healthy Starts

Amanda Lorentzian

PhD Student, Lange and Maxwell Labs
Genomics and proteomics in pediatric cancer 
Research Theme - Childhood Diseases

Lorenz Nierves

PhD Student, Lange Lab 
Proteomics in pediatric cancer 
Research Theme - Childhood Diseases

Anuli Uzozie

Postdoctoral Fellow, Lange Lab
Translational proteomics, cancer biology
Research Theme - Childhood Diseases

Samantha Schaffner

PhD Candidate, Kobor Lab
DNA methylation in neurodegenerative/neurodevelopmental disease (population and model organism based)
Research Theme - Healthy Starts

Christina Michalski

PhD Candidate, Lavoie Lab
Immunologist with interest in high dimensional biology
Research Theme - Healthy Starts

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