TOG Seminar Series

Update March 30th, 2020: We will be using the BlueJeans platform to broadcast the online seminar series. Links will be sent out via our mailing list and/or Research Education closer to seminar dates. To join our mailing list, use the form at the "Contact Us" page.

COVID-19 update, March 26th 2020: The TOG Seminar Series will be moving to an online format for the duration of the COVID-19 pandemic. Log in from the comfort of your home and learn from our presenters! 

We are excited to announce that the Trainee Omics Group will be hosting a monthly seminar series, starting in January 2020! This will be a great opportunity for everyone to present their data, get feedback and network with fellow trainees and faculty.

If you are interested in presenting (this can be work-in-progress, practice for an upcoming conference, exit seminar, …) , sign up here or email us at

Upcoming Seminar Series Dates

November 26, 2020: 12-1pm

Speaker 1 - Nicole Gladish: Lifetime trajectories of socioeconomic status partially mediated associations between DNA methylation and IL-6 levels
Speaker 2 - Lorenz Nierves: Neo-termini generation in cancer