Active Studies

The UBC Baby Teeth Study

Child smiling with missing teethThe purpose of this study is to determine if we can use teeth to understand an individual’s early life environments and experiences. We are currently recruiting children aged 5-10 years and their parents who live in British Columbia, Canada for this study. Participation will involve filling out a short questionnaire and mailing the tooth and questionnaire to the BC Children’s Hospital Research Institute. You will be mailed the questionnaire, a tube for the tooth and a stamped and addressed return envelope.

If you are interested in participating or have questions, please click here for more information or contact the study coordinator at

Lab, Project & Program Websites

Visit the websites below to learn more about environment and nutrition research happening at BC Children's Hospital. 

Elango Lab

Our lab is passionate about a variety of topics relating to human nutrition.

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Healthy Sleep for Kids

Is your child having trouble falling asleep and staying asleep? Do you have questions about what to expect with a newborn baby’s sleep schedule? How many naps is enough for a preschooler? Why is sleep important for my child? All of these are important questions regarding sleep in newborns, infants, toddlers, and preschool age children.

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Mâsse Lab

Our research team, led by Dr. Louise Mâsse, aims to understand the factors in the school, social and home environments that influence children’s and teens’ health behaviours, specifically, physical activity, screen time and nutrition.

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Nutrition & Metabolism Research

Nutrition and metabolism research at BC Children's spans the full spectrum from explanation of biological action, to pre-clinical and clinical studies, to population health.

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Sleep Research

BC Children’s Hospital houses the only Sleep Laboratory in the province of B.C., where a multidisciplinary team provides diagnostic assessment and treatment for children and youth across B.C., and conducts research to advance sleep medicine. 

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