Embedded Scholar

Date posted: 18/02/2020

This is a unique scholarly position shared between FNHA and UBC. As an Embedded Scholar at FNHA, the candidate will play a coordinating role between the Silent Genomes Activities 1, 2, and 3, and the FNHA, as part of the Silent Genomes Project. The focus will be on developing discussion papers that will lead to policy regarding the collection and study of biosamples (blood, urine, tissue, DNA, etc) and their derived data from Indigenous persons and communities. Read more...

Postdoctoral Fellow

Date posted: 11/06/2019 - competition closed

This is a unique opportunity for a Postdoctoral Fellow to contribute to the scholarly development of local, national and international governance and policy standards when research and clinical care involves genetic/genomic testing of Indigenous people. The successful candidate will conduct research to inform the development of governance and policy related to genomic health research and genetic clinical care with Indigenous individuals, families, communities and populations in Canada. Read more...

Lead Postdoctoral Scientist/Research Associate

Date posted: 22/02/2019 - competition closed

The lead postdoctoral scientist will have 2+ years of experience in bioinformatics, ideally with experience pertinent to the analysis and storage of confidential genetics-related data. The ideal candidate will have experience in the implementation of databases (either SQL or MongoDB), and the coding of software using C++, Java or Python. The position requires a PhD degree in the quantitative or life sciences awarded within the past 5 years (with extensions allowed for periods of health or family leave). It is expected that this individual will have demonstrated leadership and training skills, and the ability to work with people of diverse perspectives. Read more…

Postdoctoral Scientist

Date posted: 22/02/2019 - competition closed

The postdoctoral scientist will have completed a PhD in a quantitative or life sciences field within the past year, and will have a demonstrated interest in human genetics and bioinformatics. A demonstrated capacity to use or create software for the processing and interpretation of large-scale data is required. The ideal candidate will be attracted to the challenge of overcoming inequities in the access to genetic technologies faced by Indigenous communities, and committed to the use of computational approaches as part of a solution to overcome these inequities. Read more…

Graduate Student

Date posted: 22/02/2019 - competition closed

There is an opportunity for a new graduate student to participate in the Silent Genomes bioinformatics team. The student would be expected to enroll in the UBC Bioinformatics Graduate Program or the UBC Genomic Science and Technology (GSAT) Graduate Program as an MSc or PhD student, while meeting the entry requirements of these programs. It is expected that the graduate student will take advanced coursework as required by their program and thesis advisory committees, but will primarily focus on the design, implementation, testing and modification of innovative software systems for the storage and community-controlled access of human genetic data. Read more…

Bioinformatics Programmer/Specialist

Date posted: 22/02/2019 - competition closed

There is an opportunity for a computer programmer with experience in the storage and processing of confidential information to join the Silent Genomes bioinformatics team. This individual will have an undergraduate or graduate degree in a quantitative science, with at least 2 years of experience implementing SQL database systems using C++, Java or Python. Experience working with bioinformatics or DNA sequence data is highly preferred. Experience in rapid prototyping is a strong benefit. Read more…

SING Canada 2019

Date posted: 20/02/2019 - competition closed

Silent Genomes is proud to announce the application for the Summer internship for INdigenous peoples in Genomics Canada (SING Canada) 2019. With the generous support of LifeLabs, Silent Genomes will provide 9 all-inclusive scholarships to Indigenous students/community members in Canada. The week-long Internship will take place at The University of Alberta, Edmonton, July 14 - 20, 2019.  Application deadline is March 30, 2019.

To apply, please follow the link.