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The genome and the gene … and everything in between

Silent Genomes - educational series video

This educational series on genetics is a resource and educational tool for Indigenous communities, families, and participants to gain a baseline understanding of genetics. This information may contribute to a better understanding of genetic components that will be integrated in all of the Silent Genomes activities.

Topics: Cells, DNA (Nucleotides, base pairs, structure, and chromosomes), Genome (Genes and Proteins), and Variants

Length: 12:18

For study participants (Activity 2)

Finding the gene causing the condition in your family, Part 1

Finding the gene cause Part 1

Finding the gene causing the condition in your family, Part 2.
Medically Actionable Incidental Findings

Finding the gene cause Part 2

The following presentations provide an overview of two key aspects: a story about how researchers are going to look for answers; and what you can expect to learn from their findings. More detailed information can be found here.

Topics: Genome, Genes, Gene variants, Disease-Causing Variants, Non-Disease-Causing Variants, Variants of Uncertain Significance, Medically Actionable Incidental Findings.

Length: 7:17, 4:30

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