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CBC Radio

How Indigenous scientists are using biomedical research to seek 'genomic justice'
Sep 28, 2021 | Ideas         LISTEN
Guests: Dr. Nadine Caron, Joseph Yracheta, Joanna Radin, Tess Lanzarotta, Krystal Tsosie

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The Code of Life, a Genome BC podcast
EPISODE 012 | April 25, 2021, Bridging the Genomic Divide


Recent publications

 The Myth of Universal Health Care. By Nadine Caron and Danielle Martin 

Nadine Caron and Danielle Martin

The Walrus (article, January/February 2021)


Telus Storyhive Video

Voicing the Silent Genome

Voicing the Silent Genome


Webinars and online sessions

The University of British Columbia, UBC Learning Circle

September 29th, 2020 – Silent Genomes Project: Getting Involved in BC


May 2nd, 2019 – The Silent Genomes Project: First Nations Perspectives on Precision Diagnosis of Rare Diseases in British Columbia



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The University of British Columbia, Island Medical Program

UBC article

The Globe and Mail



CBC - Silent Genomes

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Genome Canada

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Michael Smith Foundation for Health Research

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Genome BC

Genome BC story - Silent Genomes

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Indigenous Health

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BC Children's Hospital Research Institute

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UBC Pathways - Snapshots